Creating a metaverse together: Sony and Manchester City

Published at : 09 Jan 2023 09:15 AM (IST)

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023, the multinational technology corporation Sony provided a sneak peek of the metaverse experience it is developing in collaboration with the English football team Manchester City. According to a story from The Verge, Sony and Manchester City are referring to this experience as a “proof of concept” (PoC). It will enable gamers to partake in activities in a virtual replica of the team’s Etihad Stadium with their own bespoke avatars.

An official video was uploaded on the ‘Sony-Global’ website in which virtual avatars can be seen dancing and rejoicing together while rushing around the field and stadium.
Nami Iwamoto, a senior product planner at Sony, said at the tech giant’s keynote address at CES 2023 that players would be able to connect “in a new manner” via the use of avatars, 3D graphics, and “other emotions unique to the metaverse.”

In another video, Sony showcased how they digitally recreated Manchester City players by using “only seven sensors” to collect video and volumetric data of the players. This allowed them to digitally reproduce the players in this metaverse area.

Yo Kikuchi, a spokeswoman for a tech company, said that the “app” would be published this year. However, it is still unknown whether or not the avatar creation, virtual stadium, and highlights will all be included in that programme. The collaboration was disclosed publicly for the first time in November of 2021. According to the study, at the time, both Sony and Manchester City referred to the endeavour as a proof of concept while also using the word “metaverse.”

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