Reddit to Compensate Premier Contributors with Tangible Currency in Exchange for Gold

Published at: 2 Oct, 2023, 22:02 [IST]

On the auspicious day of Monday, Reddit unveiled its novel “Contributor Program,” a pioneering initiative permitting users to transmute their Reddit gold into tangible currency. In tandem with this transformation, the esteemed social discourse platform has embarked upon a significant alteration in the mechanics of rewards, ushering in a substitution of Reddit Coins with the universally coveted gold.

In this nascent golden regime, the acquisition of gold has been rendered accessible through the simple act of a prolonged touch on the upvote icon, for those navigating Reddit on mobile devices, or a poised hover for those at their desktop terminals. This revamped system proffers an array of six distinct purchasing alternatives, commencing at a nominal $1.99. Upon the bestowment of your gold, an illustrious “golden upvote” emblem shall grace the proximate comment or post. It ought to be noted that Reddit Coins, as of September 12th, have been formally consigned to obsolescence, henceforth incapable of serving as a medium for the conferment of gold in the restructured paradigm.

Gold, the coveted currency of Reddit, is granted to both posts and comments, though the exercise thereof is governed by specific constraints. In accordance with a code of propriety, its application is proscribed within the precincts of content of a sexual, violent, or mature nature, as well as in communities of a NSFW (Not Safe for Work) or quarantined disposition, or those providing support for individuals coping with trauma.

It is imperative to underscore that the acquisition and dispensation of gold are circumscribed to communities, feeds, and post pages; ergo, profiles remain impervious to its reception.

The acquisition of a golden upvote, however, bestows a capacity to partake in the lucrative enterprise of the Contributor Program. Eligible participants shall reap monthly remuneration commensurate with their gold and karma accrued through their “eligible contributions.”

To be eligible for this prestigious program, one must be a Reddit user domiciled within the United States, having attained the age of majority, and maintaining a Reddit account with an unblemished standing and karma surpassing the stipulated thresholds. Standard contributors shall be remunerated at the rate of 90 cents for each gold bestowed, provided they have accumulated a total of 10 gold and garnered karma ranging between 100 and 4,999 over the preceding annum. In contrast, top contributors, enjoying the zenith of rewards, shall be accorded a princely sum of $1 for each gold dispensed, provided they have amassed 10 gold and a karma score exceeding 5,000 during the preceding twelve-month period. The initiation of this financial journey necessitates a preliminary verification of eligibility via the profile menu, whereupon Reddit shall conduct a thorough scrutiny of the profile prior to granting admittance to the program.

The forthcoming advent of the Contributor Program is scheduled for the impending week and shall be made available through both the web interface and the mobile applications of Reddit. Astute users desiring to ascertain their eligibility for verification are encouraged to peruse their profiles for this salient information.

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