Salesforce has let go of more than 8,000 employees and its COO, has said may lay off many more

Published at : 26 Mar 2023 11:40 AM (IST)

The employment losses continue to wreak havoc around the world in the IT sector. Both Facebook, the dominant social networking platform, and Amazon, the dominant online retail company, have just stated that they would be eliminating further positions. As a result of this, employment losses at Amazon will reach 27,000, while at Facebook they will surpass 20,000. This is the third wave of job losses for Amazon, while this is just the second round for Facebook.

Now there are rumours that Salesforce may undergo yet another wave of layoffs. According to a story that was published in Bloomberg, Salesforce’s chief operating officer Brian Millham was quoted as saying that the business may opt for further job cutbacks as it continues to concentrate on increasing its profitability.

Millham is quoted as saying in an interview that the organization’s structure would undergo modification and reshaping “if we feel like it has to alter and restructure,” and “we’re going to make those steps to generate the efficiency.” He also said that the business consultant Bain & Co., with whom Salesforce is collaborating to evaluate the company’s operations, has not yet provided definitive suggestions.
In January of 2023, it was announced that jobs will be reduced.

In January of this year, Salesforce made the announcement that it will be laying off around 8,000 people, which represents 10% of its total staff. The number of employees at the firm is being cut by the greatest amount ever. Also, it plans to close offices all around the United States. According to the article, a group of activist investors who have purchased interests in the firm are reportedly pressing for the corporation to slash expenses even more in the hopes of increasing revenues and improving profit margins.

Millham started working for the firm in 1999 as the company’s 13th employee and was eventually elevated to the position of chief operating officer in 2022. He has taken up some of the operational and customer-facing roles that were previously carried by Bret Taylor, who was the co-chief executive officer of the firm until he resigned earlier this year. These responsibilities include making appearances on earnings calls.

According to Millham, “Right from the start, this has been a culture that is centred on performance.” “During the pandemic, while we were taking care of our staff and making sure everyone was keeping well, we may have gotten off track a little bit from that,” you might say. He went on to say that he desires for Salesforce to create a culture that values both performance and wellbeing. “We feel pretty good about what we’ve been able to deliver so far,” Millham said, before adding “it’s not a job that’s done by any stretch,” he allegedly said. “We feel pretty good about what we’ve been able to provide so far,” Millham said.

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