Samsung A54 5G Receives 3C Nod; What Sets This Mid-Range Smartphone Apart

It’s possible that Samsung is getting set to release the A54 5G Android smartphone. It would suggest that the product may make its debut in January of the following year. The colossal South Korean technology company has been releasing its Android smartphones in a methodical manner, particularly in the area of mid-range devices. Let’s take a look at the disclosed characteristics, as well as the predicted ones, as well as the competition for the Samsung A54 5G.

A “Digital mobile telephone set” manufactured by Samsung and with the model number SM-A5460 has been discovered on the 3C website in China. The listing implies that it is a gadget that is capable of 5G connectivity, and the name hints that it might be the rumoured Samsung A54 5G Android smartphone.

It is said in the 3C listing for the SM-A5460 that the gadget is capable of 25W quick charging. However, the “power adaptor,” often known as a charger, will not be included in the retail item when it ships out. In a related development, the Samsung A53 5G, which may be seen of as the A54’s predecessor, does not come with a charger in the retail packaging it comes in. As a result, it is very possible that Samsung will proceed with the practise. Previously, Samsung had criticised Apple for removing the charger from its products; however, it seems that the South Korean corporation is now deliberately emulating the iPhone manufacturer.

The remainder of the purported Samsung A54 5G’s specs have not yet been validated by official sources. It is speculated that the Samsung A54 5G will have an AMOLED display and a battery that is somewhat bigger than the one found in the Galaxy A53 5G. Specifically, rather than a unit with 5,000mAh, the Samsung A54 5G might contain a battery with 5,100mAh. In comparison to the camera lens found on the A53 5G, the camera lens found on the A54 5G may be of a lower quality. Additionally, it may not have a depth sensor and instead have three cameras located on the back of the device. Although specific information is not yet available, the A54 5G may include a main camera with a resolution of 50 megapixels, which may be paired with a 5 megapixel ultra-wide camera lens and a 5 megapixel macro lens.

There is a possibility that Samsung may release the A54 5G in January of 2023?
Smartphones that belong to Samsung’s A5x series have been made available, mostly in China, by the South Korean tech giant. In addition, each gadget was granted the 3C certification around two months before it was made available to the public. As a result, there is a good chance that Samsung will release the A54 5G in the month of January 2023.

The A5X series of smartphones produced by Samsung are considered to be a member of the mid-range Android smartphone category. There is currently no information available on the CPU, however the Samsung A54 5G could have choices for both 4GB and 6GB of RAM. If it comes to India, it might go up against smartphones like the Oppo A58 5G and the Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G, in addition to other mid-range Android devices. The operating system that the Samsung A54 5G will run from the very first boot is unquestionably the standout feature of this particular model. It is anticipated that Android 13 will be pre-installed on the A54 5G when it launches. In addition, Samsung guarantees up to four years’ worth of OS updates for a significant number of its mobile devices, including smartphones. The assurance of future upgrades is likely to be beneficial to the device’s sales.

Published at : 09 Nov 2022 04:33 PM (IST)

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