Unmuting oneself during a Meet call is about to become a lot simpler according to Google

Because there is a chance that the epidemic may not abate, it seems that video calls are here to stay. Even after the majority of professionals have participated in regular video conversations for the last two years, there are still aspects of these calls that are frustrating. Comparable to muting or unmuting your own voice. During the course of those video chats, the phrase “please unmute yourself” has been said to you how many times? Every time you want to mute or unmute yourself, you have to click the button that appears on the screen. Not any longer, though. It’s better late than never, but Google is finally introducing a really helpful shortcut to the Meet app.

The tech giant is reportedly introducing a shortcut that will enable users to instantly mute and unmute themselves during video chats on Meet. The news was first reported by 9to5Google. You can now quickly unmute yourself during a meeting by holding down the spacebar to become unmuted and then releasing the spacebar to return to a muted state, according to an update that was posted on the Google Workspace blog by Google. The company said that users will now be able to quickly unmute themselves during a meeting. The firm said on their blog that they hoped this would make it even simpler for its customers to participate in their meetings by allowing them to swiftly unmute themselves in order to speak out.

Users of Google Workspace will be able to use it immediately, however users of personal Google Accounts will not have access to it until some time in the near future. When we checked, the functionality was not accessible on either the Workspace accounts or the personal accounts that we checked. According to a post on Google’s blog, it is expected that all users would have access to this function. This functionality will only be accessible via web browsers.

By default, the keyboard shortcut for muting and unmuting will not be enabled. Users of Google Meet will need to go to the Settings page in order to activate it on their own.

Published at : 10 Aug 2022 10:52 AM (IST)

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