YouTube has launched its own streaming centre while acting as if Google TV does not even exist

Published at : 07 Jan 2023 09:05 PM (IST)

When it first appeared on the market ten years ago, YouTube was one of the few streaming services available. That is not the case now, as several streaming services, like Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Go, Disney+, and others, are competing with one another for your attention (and money). The situation is made worse by the fact that you often have to go between a number of different applications in order to locate the appropriate material to view. Primetime Channels are YouTube’s attempt to address this issue. You’ll soon be able to join up for other streaming services straight via the Movies & TV marketplace on YouTube thanks to a new feature.

Source: YouTube

At this moment, Primetime Channels is exclusively available in the United States. At debut, YouTube was able to get on board 35 partners, some of which include Showtime, Starz, Paramount+, and Epix; NBA League Pass is expected to join in the near future. When you subscribe to a service, that service will show up in your stream just like any other YouTube channel. The most recent movie and television programme trailers, as well as behind-the-scenes video and cast interviews, will be shown prominently on the homepage of Primetime Channels. YouTube will now prioritise content from streaming providers when displaying search results and making recommendations.

YouTube’s method is, in many respects, comparable to that of Google TV, which enables users to watch video from a variety of streaming providers on their smart televisions.

Source: YouTube

It was verified by Erin Teague, the head of Primetime Channels, to The Verge that films created by normal producers will be given precedence in search results and recommendations above those created by studios. You also have the ability, much as on ordinary videos on YouTube, to leave a comment, as well as to like or hate a video. The only way to tell a video from a Primetime Channels partner from from a standard YouTube video is by looking for the bright green Watch Now button in the corner of the screen.

The most recent endeavour from YouTube is hardly ground-breaking since competitors like Amazon and Apple already provide services of a similar kind. However, YouTube is large enough to make a successful integration of this kind possible since it is accessed by over two billion people every single month. However, the function is still in development, and there are a number of problems with it that need to be fixed before it can provide a better user experience.

The most significant disadvantage at this time is that if you have an existing subscription to any streaming service that is included in Primetime Channels, you will not be able to sign in to that service through YouTube. You are need to terminate your current membership and then re-enroll in the service via YouTube.

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