Amazon has opened the  North East region’s first delivery station staffed entirely by women

Amazon India opened its first delivery station staffed entirely by women in the Northeast region of the country in Champai in Mizoram, which is located close to the border between India and Myanmar. The company’s goal was to provide women with opportunity to engage in meaningful employment. Christina Rindiki, an entrepreneur who launched a last-mile delivery firm called Service under Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner programme, will be in charge of running the station once it is up and running.

This station will assist in the delivery of products purchased from Amazon to clients located in neighbouring locations such as Kanan, Kahrawt, Venglai, Vengthlang, Vengsang, and Bethel, amongst other places.

Amazon Logistics, India Director Karuna Shankar Pande stated that the launch of this additional delivery station in the North-east region will not only enable Amazon India to further deepen its reach to customers, but it will also provide growth and work opportunities for Delivery Service Partners and the associates that they will hire. Amazon India will be able to further deepen its reach to customers with this launch.

Creating awareness about health and safety, building various feedback mechanisms, and providing a dedicated helpline number for employees to dial in for any support or assistance needed throughout the day are some of the measures that have been implemented by the company in order to ensure that women have access to a secure working environment.

“The establishment of Mizoram’s first delivery station staffed entirely by female employees is a continuation of our continuous efforts to provide women with safe and satisfying employment alternatives that will allow them to become economically independent and self-sufficient. The ladies who are working at this partner delivery station, which is made up entirely of women, will serve as an example to a great number of other women “he stated.

Already, the firm has five all-female delivery stations that are managed by partners; one each in the states of Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, and Andhra Pradesh, and two in the state of Kerala. Amazon’s “last-mile delivery,” in which items that have been ordered are aggregated from fulfilment centres and sorting centres and delivered to the doorsteps of consumers in the surrounding region, begins at delivery stations. Amazon has made investments over the years to expand its presence in Northeast India. As a result, the company now has close to 70 delivery stations across the region, including both Amazon-owned and partner delivery stations. These stations ensure direct delivery presence in close to 400 pin codes throughout the region.

Amazon India’s Delivery Service Partner (DSP) programme is a last-mile delivery approach that collaborates with small and mid-sized companies (SMBs) in the country’s hinterlands to deliver items to Amazon customers. This concept is known as the Delivery Service Partner (DSP) programme.

Published at : 10 Aug 2022 10:52 AM (IST)

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