Android 13’s best new features has made its way into Mozilla Firefox

Published at : 17 Feb 2023 11:39 AM (IST)

The support for customised icons across all applications was one of the many upgrades and new features that were introduced with Android 13, but it was this one that truly stood out. The one and only catch is that programmers have to first activate it for their applications; as you may have guessed, app developers do not seem to be in a hurry to implement support for it. Mozilla Firefox is the most recent software to jump on the bandwagon and start using the new icons that match the backdrop on your phone. This trend has already been adopted by a number of popular applications.

The Firefox app for stable Android devices has been upgraded to version 110. The redesigned icon for the app, which has a theme that corresponds to the colour profile of your device, is the most notable feature of this version. Nevertheless, in order to get that, you will need to have Android version 13 installed on your preferred Android smartphone, and you will also need to enable the function.

Your home screen will seem much more attractive and unified when you add the new app icon for Firefox, but there is also a drawback to doing so. The drawback is that there will be one less icon available to choose from. It is difficult to tell at a glance whether programme is the beta version since both Firefox and Firefox Beta utilise the same themed icon, which has no distinguishing features. This is seen in the screenshot that is displayed above. On the other hand, the beta designation is still there in the symbol for the standard app version of Firefox. This is something that may be addressed by Mozilla by releasing an update to their beta app.

In addition to the redesigned app icon, version 110 of Firefox improves the visibility of the text selection magnifier when many lines of text are highlighted. A issue that prohibited users from closing the search bar and dismissing the “Jump back in” option has been addressed and corrected by Mozilla in the meanwhile. It is strongly recommended that you apply the update as soon as it is made available to you since Firefox 110 includes patches for a few severe vulnerabilities that were discovered after its release.

The upgrade to Firefox version 110 should already be available for download from the Play Store for all Android users. In the event that it isn’t, however, you may acquire the most recent version by downloading it from APK Mirror.

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