LinkedIn has reached the milestone of 100 million members in India

Published at : 08 Feb 2023 05:15 PM (IST)

LinkedIn, which is a social networking site aimed at professionals, has reported that it had more than 100 million users in India. The manufacturing, corporate services (including consulting, accounting, and HR), financial services, and education sectors make up the next highest percentage of members in India, followed by those from the software and information technology industries.

“It is uplifting and rewarding to see our 100 million member community in India utilising the platform extensively for more than just employment today; they are over-indexing on networking, chatting, and learning more than any other area internationally. This is a global trend. In order for them to grow in their professions, it assists them in locating the appropriate opportunities, establishing connections with peers and mentors, and acquiring new skills “remarked the business.

In addition to this, LinkedIn has also released a research titled Workplace Learning that reveals the objectives of L&D executives in India as well as a list of the top 10 most in-demand talents that are needed by enterprises.
According to the company, “companies in India are adopting a skills-first approach to hiring,” as evidenced by the fact that more than fifty percent of India’s recruiters on LinkedIn explicitly use skills data to fill their roles. This percentage is significantly higher than the global average of forty-five percent.

According to the Workplace Learning Report published by LinkedIn, “upskilling workers” is the primary focus of India’s learning and development (L&D) executives, and “offering learning opportunities” is their preferred method for enhancing employee retention.

The business and marketing spheres are well represented on LinkedIn’s list of the top 10 most in-demand talents in India for the current year. In order to assist professionals in acquiring these abilities, the professional networking platform has also made ten related Learning courses accessible for free to all India users of the platform from February 5th to March 15th, 2023. These courses are as follows:

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