Apple has begun recruiting new employees in preparation for opening retail outlets in India

Published at : 09 Jan 2023 09:03 PM (IST)

Officials from the government recently disclosed that contract manufacturers and component suppliers for Apple had been responsible for the creation of roughly 50,000 direct employment in India. This transpired in the months after the implementation of the smartphone production-linked incentive (PLI) plan in August of 2021. Now, the software giant with headquarters in Cupertino is apparently intending to increase the number of employment chances available to people from India. The manufacturer of iPhones is reportedly getting ready to launch retail outlets in the nation, as stated in a report by the Financial Times. As a result of this, the firm has begun the process of filling additional positions in addition to the retail store positions it has already begun looking for in India.

The article also states that Apple has modified the employment opportunities listed on its website to include a greater number of positions open in India. This comprises a variety of jobs, such as an expert in business, a “genius,” an expert in operations, and a technological specialist.

According to the article, as of right now, the corporation’s website has listings for more than a hundred different employment opportunities in India. Recently, listings were made available for retail jobs in a number of different cities and towns around the nation. These places include significant urban centres like Mumbai and New Delhi, among others.

Since quite some time ago, Apple has been actively developing plans to open brick-and-mortar retail outlets in India. It has been claimed that the corporation intends to launch its retail operation in the nation, which is one of the markets for smartphones with the highest growth rate in the globe. The year 2020 marked the beginning of Apple’s direct online sales of iPhones and other gadgets to customers in India. However, the business has not yet brought its ambitions for brick-and-mortar locations in the nation into fruition at this time. Additionally, the corporation has not yet distributed any public remarks or statements about its retail shop intentions for India.

In addition to the direct employment opportunities, Apple’s suppliers and its manufacturing ecosystem in the nation have contributed to the creation of about 100,000 indirect employment opportunities. Foxconn, Pegatron, and Wistron are some of the contract manufacturers in India that are responsible for the production of iPhones. In the meanwhile, Foxlink, Avary, Sunwoda, and Salcomp are some of the companies that provide the firm with components.

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