During the ransomware assault on MFHS, hackers obtained the personal information of 460,000 people

Published at : 14 Jan 2023 10:15 AM (IST)

Maternal & Family Health Services, a nonprofit health service located in Pennsylvania, has verified that fraudsters gained access to the sensitive data of about 500,000 individuals.

Last week, MFHS made public the fact that it had been the victim of ransomware, which had resulted in the exposure of the personal information of both present and past patients, as well as workers and suppliers. The large healthcare provider said that it found out about the issue on April 4, 2022, although it confessed that the data may have been exposed as early as August 21, 2021.

When GetPureGyan approached MFHS about it at the time, they refused to divulge how many people were impacted in response to the question. On the other hand, according to a notice that was sent out by the office of the attorney general of Maine this week, the data breach has impacted a total of 461,070 persons, including 68 citizens of Maine.

In a letter that was sent to affected residents on January 10 — more than nine months after the organisation was first alerted to the ransomware incident — MFHS said that attackers accessed sensitive data, including names, addresses, dates of birth, driver licence numbers, Social Security numbers, usernames and passwords, health insurance and medical information, and financial information. This letter was sent to affected residents after MFHS was first alerted to the ransomware incident. MFHS was first alerted to the According to the letter, the perpetrators stole credit card and debit card details as well.

It is still not known who was responsible for the ransomware assault, whether or not MFHS paid the ransom demand, or why the charity organisation did not publicise the event earlier. On Wednesday, MFHS did not immediately react to GetPureGyan’s queries, and it does not seem that any significant ransomware gang has yet claimed credit for the attack. GetPureGyan’s questions were asked.

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