Following a ‘cyber incident,’ Royal Mail has issued a warning of significant service interruption

Published at : 14 Jan 2023 10:09 AM (IST)

As a result of a cyber attack, the postal service in the United Kingdom known as Royal Mail has reported that it is experiencing “serious service interruption.”

As a consequence of the hack, Royal Mail said in a statement that it was unable to send products for export, such as letters and packages, to locations outside of the United Kingdom. The statement was made on Wednesday. In addition, it was mentioned that overseas packages that had already been sent out “may be subject to delays.”

“We have requested customers to temporarily avoid sending any export goods into the network while we work tirelessly to rectify the problem,” Royal Mail said in a statement. “We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.” “Despite some inconveniently timed holdups, our import operations are continuing to provide full service. Our staff are working around the clock to find a solution to this inconvenience, and as soon as we receive more information, we will communicate it to our clients.

Further information, such as the nature of the event and who was responsible for it, is still unknown at this time, and GetPureGyan has not received a response from Royal Mail to its enquiries. The statement from the corporation also included the information that it is collaborating with unidentified external specialists to examine the issue and that it has informed the appropriate authorities.

GetPureGain was informed by a spokeswoman for the National Cyber Security Center that the organisation was aware of the situation and is collaborating with Royal Mail to “completely comprehend the implications” of the breach.

There are 231 nations and territories that Royal Mail delivers packages to across the globe. According to the BBC, over 150 million packages were shipped by Royal Mail to destinations outside of the United Kingdom in the last year.

The news of the event came at the same time as a series of strikes that employees for Royal Mail are waging in the United Kingdom in an attempt to get greater pay and improved working conditions. In addition to this, it comes only a few weeks after the British postal service suffered a data breach that made the personal information of consumers accessible to other users, as reported by Sky News.

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